About Us


When Three College Neighbors Turned Friends...

in Boca Raton, Florida, they soon came to the realization that their coastal community was facing a BIG problem – plastic pollution. No matter where they went, everyone from local “beach bums” to restaurant owners began to shine light on the pressing problem at hand – people want to create a truly sustainable future, but it comes at a cost. The sustainable alternatives entering the market were either too expensive or very poor in quality. The StrawFish Team saw this problem affecting the people closest to them and knew a solution was needed in order to bring forth a sustainable future. 


Paper Straws Suck...

which is why StrawFish set out on its first mission – to have the highest quality straw. After thousands of iterations and tests, we can confidently stand behind a product that last 3-5 hours in a beverage. StrawFish's Paper Straws are gluten-free (yes, this is a thing) as a wheat-based binder is used in many other paper straws on the market. We want to show the millions of people dealing with Celiac or Gluten-Intolerance that their needs are heard! And finally, all custom orders are printed with FDA-Approved water-based ink. It is our job to make your experience as happy and healthy as possible.


Providing the Most Affordable...

sustainable alternatives on the market has its advantages. While manufacturers & providers are aware of the ultra-thin profit margins in the restaurant and hospitality industries, many are still taking advantage of legislation and exploiting business owners. StrawFish provides the highest quality biodegradable daily consumable products at prices over 50% less than the competition. For restaurants and hospitality groups, learn more about how you can get our Straws for FREE, or how you can get any of our products for the best price on the market!

Our Team

Kyle Lansing




Kyle grew up in Merritt Island, Florida where he became an avid fisherman, boater, and golfer with an affinity for all things outdoors. StrawFish gave Kyle the opportunity to take his passions and integrate them into a global mission.

Aaron Kleinert




Aaron was born and raised in Boca Raton, Florida where he found a way to bridge the gap between his passion for entrepreneurship and the environment. StrawFish has allowed Aaron to use his Bachelor’s Degree in Entrepreneurship to facilitate meaningful relationships and opportunities for business development. 

Tomer Bitton




Tomer found his way to South Florida when he was very young and felt instantly connected with the ocean and South Florida’s surrounding environment. StrawFish has allowed Tomer to use his Bachelor's Degree in Entrepreneurship and Master's Degree in Financial Valuation & Investment Management to make a true and lasting impact in our community. 

Our Promise

  Our Promise is to be more than just another paper straw manufacturer & provider. Taking a holistic approach to sustainability means you’ll always see StrawFish out in the local community: organizing beach cleanups, educating people on single-use plastic bans, and fighting to keep legislation rooted in a greener & cleaner future. For as long as we can, StrawFish pledges to provide FREE paper straws to businesses in the local community.