The Two Main Problems…

StrawFish sees in the restaurant & hospitality industries are (1) owners/managers can’t afford the more expensive sustainable alternatives to single-use plastics and (2) the lack of quality in the alternatives available are giving their brand a bad image. Industry titans such as Starbucks and McDonald's have already caught fury from their customers due to the fact that their sustainable products are hindering their customers' experience.

The solution, why not give the highest quality, 100% biodegradable products away… for FREE

Our Mission



  StrawFish pledges to be more than just another sustainable products company. Working directly with governmental agencies and citizens, StrawFish educates the community on the negative affects of single-use plastics on the environment and marine life, all while showing that quality sustainable alternatives exist.

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  With over 500 million straws used in the United States daily, the fact that plastic straws are the 8th most found ocean trash is no surprise. StrawFish is passionate about inspiring individuals to join the movement of eliminating single-use plastics through sustainable alternatives. Together, we can finally begin to see real change in regards to a greener & cleaner future for all!

Give Back!


StrawFish is providing the local community the opportunity to get involved through the purchase of our Apparel. With each shirt sold, StrawFish will remove a thousand* plastic straws from circulation. 

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