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The Value of Sustainability

StrawFish’s mission is to give away its superior straw for FREE. This is done by aligning an Advertiser with a Beneficiary (Restaurants, Events, Hotels, etc.) to “sponsor” their straws and remove an expense line. An advertiser gains unprecedented access to their target customer segment by putting their brand right on the straw itself! Unlike any other medium, StrawFish offers Advertisers a 100% Interaction Rate with the designated consumer. This is because consumers must physically touch & look at each advertisement (paper straws) while they consume their beverage. This subconsciously generates an association between: the quality of the paper straw, the brand’s commitment to sustainability, and the brand’s image. 

Printed with FDA-Approved Water-Based Ink, StrawFish guarantees this intimate and effective way of advertising will remain visible and intact for the duration of the entire dining experience.

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Custom Straws

Don’t want a third-party advertiser in your business? Custom print anything you may like on your own straws! With StrawFish, there is no limit to the amount of colors or designs possible. As a business looking to differentiate itself with in-house branding and/or a new product for customers to purchase, send us a logo and StrawFish will provide a digital proof of your custom paper straws ASAP. Anything from the size of the straw to the color and design can be transformed to fit your business; if you have a vision there is a way for StrawFish to make it happen. Email us at for more information on custom straw order quantities and pricing TODAY!

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Wholesale Straws

If you are simply looking for the highest quality paper straw on the market at the most affordable price, then you’ve come to the right place. StrawFish guarantees that there will always be straws readily available on hand, as orders can be shipped anywhere in the continental United States in 3-4 days. Our Black & White wholesale paper straws come in a variety of sizes, all able to be purchased and shipped to any address directly.

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